Ideal House


Overview: Ideal House is a company specializing in supplying premium quality entrance & interior doors, triple glazed windows & glass doors, engineered wood floors, and ECO decking & fencing solutions.


We were faced with the challenge of coming up with a visual identity that reflects the full spectrum of services provided by Ideal house but also the process that makes the company stand out.



It all starts with a logo which in itself has several elements that demonstrate what the business is all about — a window, a door and the process of them getting made.

Important to notice that as you look from the left to the right you can see the beginning in the form of sketches to the finished product emphasized with a 3D shape. That’s the way we illustrated that each of the company’s extensive range of products is 100% handmade in the EU.

We took care of the whole look of the website and made detailed descriptions for both products and services.

Finally, we set up an online shop where clients can fast and easily order whatever they picked from the website.