Overview: Alteco is a company that provides alternative ecological solutions when it comes to family living spaces. That includes houses,
extension of existing property, gardens spaces and recreational areas.


We were handed the challenge to bring to life their ideas through the creation of visual
identity and building their digital home – a new website.


For the logo we decided on a house with the name of the company and the inclusion of the word “construction” which
provides the necessary context for a customer when they come across the visual.

We picked green as the most logical color to represent how ecological are the solutions provided by Alteco.

The gray is a subtle hint of the modernity that represents the use of certain technologies involved in the process of construction and as a whole the technical advances provided.

Some of the sustainable solutions by the company include structured insulated panels, smart stone, heating, garden rooms. We have written detailed information for all of the above on clearly separated categories on the website.