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newR. = New Reality

You have heard these 2 words more times over the past few months than you had ever previously but for a long time these words have been very relevant to business. In the same way the world is adapting to a new reality, business has been the very same for a long time.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and business has quickly moved from bricks and mortar to an online environment. With the constant advances in technology a company can be forgiven for not always being on top of the “new” thing. That is where we come in.

Working Hours

In our business there is no set working hours. We try our best to get your creative assets done when they’re needed. Most people needed them yesterday but want them tomorrow – unfortunately we are not miracle workers however if you are short on time get in touch and we can try our best to help get you sorted.

Our History

Although newR is a new company the staff are not new to this industry. With experience cover many years, vast amounts of industries and media we have the knowledge to guide our clients through the ever changing digital marketing world.


Anything we develop whether it’s a website, campaign or a simple graphic we treat them all the same. We apply the same process and will not put anything out that we ourselves wouldn’t be happy with using. We include our clients in the development process also so we can ensure we both see eye-to-eye on what we are working on.

Perfect Design

There is no such thing as a perfect design – as the saying goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We don’t try design a perfect design but we do try create the perfect design for your needs and what we think will engage your customers.

Creative Mind

The one thing that newR is not short on is creative minds. Our employees are modern day Picassos but in place of paints is a shiny Mac. They can take your creative brief and turn it on it’s head with some outside-the-box thinking.


Although newR is based in Dublin we can work with you wherever you are in Ireland. We can have a virtual coffee and discuss your needs over a zoom call. We are always communicative with our clients throughout the entire process.

How we work with you


Discuss your needs and how we can help


We get our creative juices flowing


We merge your ideas with our skill to bring your asset to life


Anything technical gets tested and re-tested to ensure it works as intended


We provide you with the final polished product

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